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Avast Secure Browser – a browser which is based on Chromium engine and designed to protect user activity on the internet. The software comes with a set of tools to improve the security level against the network attacks and protect personal data against malefactors. Avast Secure Browser hides information about itself in order to limit the ability to track user actions on the internet by various websites, advertising networks, research companies and other tracking tools. The software protects your computer against phishing attempts by blocking the dangerous websites and downloadable files that can infect the system with viruses, ransomware or spyware. Avast Secure Browser blocks annoying ads, prevents the connection of unreliable extensions and automatic launch of the Flash-content without the user consent. The software contains a built-in password manager and a tool to clear browser history, cookies and cached data. Avast Secure Browser has additional modules to hide your own location and improve security during online-banking.

Main features:

  • Phishing protection
  • Anti-tracking and anti-filtering
  • Protection against unreliable extensions
  • Blocking ads and flash-content
  • Password manager
  • HTTPS encryption and stealth mode
Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser

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