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Category: File management
License: Free
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Directory Monitor – a software to monitor the content changes of the selected local or network folders. The software requires to add a folder or several folders to the list in order to monitor them and if any changes are made to such folders, the user will receive an audio signal and pop-up message. Directory Monitor checks the folder content for deleting or renaming files, providing access, creating new files and other events in real time as they arise. The software automatically adds all the performed actions with the folders to the log file which enables to view the history of changes filtered by date or path. Directory Monitor also allows you to set the interval to check the folders, create an individual log file for each directory and shell the context menu to quickly add directories.

Main features:

  • Monitoring of the network and local folders
  • Detecting the user by making changes to folders
  • Saving changes to the log file
  • Sound and pop-up notifications of any actions
  • Saving events in a relational database
Directory Monitor

Directory Monitor


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