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Exiland Backup Professional – a powerful tool to backup the data. The software supports different backups type that can be created automatically on a schedule or manually at the user’s request. Exiland Backup Professional enables to create backups of the local and external drives, computers connected to the local network, FTP or SSH servers and data carriers. The software can compress the backups into a ZIP archive while adjusting the compression level, split the archive into volumes and encrypt. Exiland Backup Professional supports multithreaded data backup, removes the original files and duplicates the backups to other disks or servers. The software allows you to view files in the backup and restore them to their original location or specified folder. Exiland Backup Professional can also regulate the load on the processor and manage tasks during their execution.

Main features:

  • Multithreaded backup
  • Backup from the local and external sources
  • Settings of the compression level
  • Encryption
  • Restores individual backup files
  • Ability to delete source data
Exiland Backup Professional

Exiland Backup Professional


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