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MJ Registry Watcher – a software to monitor trojans in the registry. The main task of the software is a timely report on the presence of trojans in registry keys and values, startup files and other registry locations that can be affected by trojan programs. In addition to the registry, MJ Registry Watcher can notify the user about changes in other system files. The software contains a built-in search engine that enables to find the necessary data in any registry section. MJ Registry Watcher allows you to select the type of notification about the detected dangerous objects in the system, some of these notifications will be sent by e-mail, and others will automatically accept or reject the proposed changes. MJ Registry Watcher keeps a log with all the changes and elements that can affect system security and enables to place files and directories in quarantine.

Main features:

  • Registry monitoring
  • Different security levels
  • Notifications about changes in the system files
  • Screenshot of a registry over certain period of time
  • Built-in search engine for the registry
MJ Registry Watcher

MJ Registry Watcher


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