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Category: Hard disks
License: Free
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Parkdale – a utility to test the hard disk performance under various conditions. The software helps to determine the speed of recording and reading of the data from a hard drive, USB drive, optical disk or network connection. Parkdale contains a mode to compare available disks that allows you to obtain the general information about the speed of the data exchange with the additionally installed sizes of the blocks and files. Another Parkadle mode is designed to test the speed of the hard disk with the certain files, check the recording speed and the speed when caching data by using the file system. One more mode in the software is able to test the recording and reading from the hard drive without using the file system, because the test is performed directly through the device. Parkdale has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Main features:

  • Determination of the hard disk recording speed
  • Different performance testing modes
  • Simultaneous test of the multiple hard drives
  • Test of the disks speed with the file system and without it



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