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Drevitalize – a software to detect the problems with the hard drive and repairs its damaged sectors. The software is focused on the eliminating physical defects of the hard or floppy drives that were damaged due to the impact from electromagnetic fields, in case of power failures or other emergency situations. Drevitalize allows you to choose the scan mode and one of the available systems to diagnose and detect the defective areas. After determining the desired mode of operation, the software offers a choice of various functions: scan only, scan and repair, analyze SMART data, copy raw data, etc. At the end of the process, Drevitalize provides the detailed scan results that display information about the hardware drive, buffer size, firmware, bad sectors, recovered parts of the sectors and many other information. Drevitalize also contains a number of additional functions which are great to recover faulty drive sectors.

Main features:

  • Supports most types of hard drives
  • Selection of the scan modes
  • Recovery and refresh of bad sectors
  • Displays the scan result
  • Redistribution of the bad sectors in case of a failed repair



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