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F-Secure Internet Security – an antivirus to protect your computer and provide safe web surfing. The software monitors the behavior of installed applications in order to timely block unauthorized attempts to connect to the internet and enter dangerous changes to the system. F-Secure Internet Security provides secure browsing on the internet by blocking malicious websites and restricting access to online-resources with suspicious or prohibited content. F-Secure Internet Security improves network protection by preventing download of dangerous files from the internet, aimed at the exploitation of the system vulnerabilities. Antivirus automatically activates the protection of financial transactions while visiting banking websites, which blocks all connections to the network, except for that is used for payments. F-Secure Internet Security supports a parental control system to set time limits and block unwanted content on the internet.

Main features:

  • Blocking malicious and suspicious websites
  • Proactive protection technologies
  • Blocking download of malicious files
  • Financial transaction protection
  • Parental control
F-Secure Internet Security

F-Secure Internet Security


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