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Ultimate Boot CD – a set of applications and diagnostic utilities to fix the computer problems. This application package is stored in a single ISO file with the help of which you need to create a bootable CD or flash drive. After starting the computer by using a bootable media, there appears an Ultimate Boot CD context menu similar to BIOS, where you can select the necessary utility to fix a specific problem. The software package includes the utilities to work with BIOS, test CPU and RAM, restore the data, clone the disks, back up and restore the hard disks, display the information about peripherals, edit and format the hard disks, etc. Ultimate Boot CD is a useful tool that can come in handy in the different situations in case of the computer problems.

Main features:

  • A set of utilities to work with BIOS
  • CPU testing tools
  • Programs to work with hard disks
  • Utilities to test the RAM
  • Backup and recovery tools
Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD


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