Operating system: Windows
License: Free
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PCI-Z – a software to display information about PCI devices installed on the user computer. PCI-Z can detect unknown devices connected via PCI, PCI-E and PCI-X bus. The utility checks the system and detects all available information about PCI devices such as manufacturer, device type, serial name, installed driver and its correct configuration. PCI-Z regularly updates the PCI ID database, so that devices unknown to the system can be identified by the ID, and then find the right driver through the context menu of the software and fix problematic devices. PCI-Z also contains a toolbar to export data, create screenshots and send messages with a detailed report to a common database to check the configuration.

Main features:

  • Detection of the unknown PCI devices in the system
  • Search for drivers via the context menu
  • Display of the detailed information about devices
  • Sending a detailed report to a common database



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