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Category: Desktop
License: Free
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DesktopOK – a software to save and restore the shortcuts location on the desktop. The software is excellent in case of change of the screen resolution resulting in disrupting the order of the icons location. DesktopOK allows you to save the shortcuts location in any sequence and selected location, thus the user will have his own layout with the necessary configuration options which can be restored to the original state in case of failure. DesktopOK can hide or display icons, minimize opened software windows and automatically save the shortcuts location for a specified period of time. The software also enables to set an individual log save for each user.

Main features:

  • Saving the shortcuts position for different screen resolutions
  • Restoring the lost icon layout
  • Automatically saving the shortcuts location on the screen
  • Hiding or displaying of icons
  • Minimizing all open windows



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